About Me

Olga Gonzalez Latapi

As of now I am a journalism student at Medill, the prominent school of Journalism in Northwestern University (NU). Writing has been a part of my life, however, since I was a child. My love for words has led me to this moment. I have worked for The Daily Northwestern, the oldest publication at NU, and am now a writer & photographer at North by Northwestern magazine, the most popular publication among the students. I was also its Assistant Photo Editor for two academic quarters. This period of my life is, in one word, exciting. I am in love with the information that I am receiving from my wonderful professors. In the future I hope to write for one of my dream publications. Although most of my work has been in print, I have experience in working with video, radio and photography. Here, within my official website, you will be able to find all of my published work so far. You can also contact me by any means that you prefer. Please visit my site often as I will update it as my career continues. Don’t forget to promote my work and leave a comment. I welcome positive comments, leads and even constructive criticisms. Hope you enjoy my work!



My experience is also documented in my resume. Download it here: resume